High in the Altiplano, the Atacama Desert is an ethereal landscape ripe for exploration. Sitting 7,900ft (2,407m) above sea level on the Andean Plateau overlooking San Pedro de Atacama, the vast terrain sprawls across almost 50,000 square miles (80,000 sq km) and is reminiscent of a lunar landscape. Ever present on the horizon are the Andes and Domeyko mountain ranges, along with the imposing Licancabur Volcano, reaching 19,420ft (5,919m), a commanding presence seen from every corner of Tierra Atacama. How do I get there?

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The Atacama Desert hosts a diverse array of terrain, including drifting sand dunes, hissing geothermal wonders, immense canyons and surreal turquoise lagoons amid vast white salt flats. Glowing sunrises and mind-blowing sunsets are a daily delight, and when night descends, pristine skies reveal an awe-inspiring celestial spectacle.

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Unforgettable encounters

The Atacama Desert’s diverse and spectacular landscapes offer a world of adventure and discovery at any time of year. A tailor-made itinerary offers guests a wide range of guided excursions catering to individual interests and preferences.

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Explore the lunar landscapes of the salt mountain range west of the San Pedro oasis and discover desert wonders along the way including selenite sparkling in the morning light, a magical singing salt crystal and a giant sand dune.

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Tatio Geysers

Head out early for this unmissable geothermal spectacle. As the sun begins to emerge above the horizon, witness towering vapor columns casting an etheral glow over vast bubbling pools, home to over eighty active geysers.

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Purilactis Valley

Discover crystalline rivers, dramatic rock formations and kaliedoscopic mountains on the unforgettable Purilactis Trek. Traverse the Domeyko Range to discover ancient petroglyphs, concluding at the surreal landscapes of Rainbow Valley.

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Cejar Lagoon

Heading out early to make the most of pleasant morning temperatures, cycle to the edge of the Atacama Salt Flat, arriving at the astonishing salt-crusted Cejar Lagoon. Enjoy a refreshing float in the crystal-clear waters while enjoying the view.

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The Salar de Atacama

Take in the breathtaking sights of Chaxa Lagoon in the Salar de Atacama, where vivid colors and flamingos abound, and discover the cultural wonders of Tocanao, a secluded village and desert oasis built using soft white stone.

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Horseback Riding

Saddle up for a horseback ride led by experienced local guides. Traverse mixed terrain at your own pace, enjoying views of the desert surrounds. Guides will assist you in choosing the best route for your interests and experience level.

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The region provides a rich habitat for a vast array of fauna, including flamingos, llamas, vicuñas and vizcachas, all perfectly adapted to thrive in the high altitude. Vegetation is surprisingly plentiful for such an extreme climate, including the impressive cardones (giant cactus) that can grow to a towering 30 feet (9 meters) tall!

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Cutural connection


San Pedro de Atacama has a rich anthropological history dating back 10,000 years and the people of the High Andean plateau are descendants of the Incas and Aymarás. For centuries, they have prospered in this unyielding landscape, forging a culture, livelihood and set of traditions unique to the region. An inherent respect for nature, sense of community and close connections to the earth and cosmos is evident. Delve deeper into the fascinating culture and traditions of the region on a vast array of excursions with Tierra Atacama’s expert guides.

Chilean flavors


We source as much locally-grown produce as possible, including Peruvian corn, fresh seafood from the coast, indigenous produce found on the high plains and some from just feet away in the hotel’s own garden, ensuring dishes full of High Andean flavor. We celebrate the best of North Chilean cuisine through our menu, using innovative techniques while honoring traditional recipes and seasonal ingredients.

The seasons of Atacama

Chile’s Atacama Desert offers a climate of stark contrasts. Days are warm to hot and sunny, yet as night falls, the temperature drops significantly, providing cool relief. Rainfall is exceptionally rare, making the region one of Earth’s driest spots. Chile's Atacama Desert offers a climate of stark contrasts. Days are warm to hot and sunny, yet as night descends, the temperature plunges dramatically, occasionally dropping below freezing in winter. Rainfall is exceptionally rare, making the region one of Earth's driest spots.




Summer provides the best conditions for spotting huge flocks of pink flamingos in their salt flat habitats. Hot and sunny days call for early excursions, followed by an afternoon siesta and refreshing sunset dip in the outdoor infinity pool.
Daytime temperatures range from 27-32°C(81-90°F) in summer.




Fall is a great time to visit, with pleasantly warm temperatures during the day creating the perfect conditions for full day excursions around the altiplano. The end of peak season also results in fewer visitors at the more popular local attractions.
Daytime temperatures range from 22-27°C (72–81°F) in fall.




Winter transforms the surrounding mountain ranges into a backdrop of snow-capped peaks and days grow shorter and cooler, perfect for more active adventures. Nights are chilly at this time of year, and it's the best time of year for stargazing.
Daytime temperatures range from 16-22°C (61-72°F) in winter.




Temperatures gradually rise and the days grow longer during spring, making for comfortable conditions for any outdoor actvity. It’s breeding season for a number of bird and animal species so a great time to spot wildlife in their natural habitat.
Daytime temperatures range from 16-20°C (61-68°F) in spring.

Getting there

Tierra Atacama is situated on the edge of San Pedro de Atacama, a small village in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. LATAM, Jetsmart and Sky Airlines operate regular daily two-hour flights between Santiago and Calama. The hotel offers complimentary road transfers from Calama Airport to the hotel, taking around one hour.

  • Flights

    International flights

    Daily flights operate from Europe to Santiago with Iberia, Air France/KLM, British Airways and LATAM. From North America, Delta, American Airlines, United, Air Canada and LATAM offer flights to Santiago from major cities including Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston and Miami in the United States and Toronto and Vancouver in Canada.

    From Australia there are direct flights with Qantas between Sydney and Santiago and with LATAM from Sydney via Auckland to Santiago. LATAM also offer direct flights between Melbourne and Santiago. For travel from Asia, the easiest routes to Chile are via New Zealand, Australia or the USA.

    Domestic and charter flights

    LATAMJetsmart and SKY operate regular daily two-hour flights between Santiago and Calama. It’s best to plan arrival at Calama Airport between 10am and 5pm.

    Chartering a private plane to Calama Airport is another option. Tierra Atacama Reservations can assist bookings on request.

  • Airport transfers

    Airport transfers

    Tierra Atacama offers complimentary return transfers between Calama Airport and the hotel, taking approximately one hour.

    Private airport transfers

    Private airport transfers to and from Calama Airport (or for transfers outside the scheduled times) are available at an additional cost.

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Desert oasis

Tierra Atacama was built on the site of a long-abandoned cattle corral. The design cleverly blends traditional and modern materials, blending in with the surrounding landscape while maximizing its impact via expansive windows capturing ever-changing views.

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Ethereal altiplano

With Tierra Atacama as a luxury base, explore the wonders of the altiplano and witness towering volcanoes and kaleidoscopic mountain ranges overlooking epic canyons, drifting sand dunes, vast salt flats, shimmering lagoons and energetic geysers.

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Relaxing refuge

A sublime sanctuary with views to match, Uma Spa is the perfect place to rest, reflect and recover after a day of discovery, promising guests a physical and spiritual refuge and a menu of signature treatments to revitalise body and soul.

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