Hike the Cerro Toco Volcano Climb

Level: Difficult
Duration: Full Day

Located just 6km from the border between Chile and Bolivia, Cerro Toco is as awe-inspiring to look at from the ground, as the expansive panoramas are to be enjoyed from its summit. This depleted volcano is far less-visited than its better-known nearby cousins of Licancabur and Lascar, though offers equally astounding views, a solid level of hiking and just as much sense of achievement in reaching its peak as with any mountain in the surrounding Andes. Departing the hotel, you will travel by van across the plains to the trailhead, gradually ascending to a starting altitude of 5,000m (16,400ft), where the dusty roads lead into rows of dramatic hills, some of which may be dusted with snow, though all will look even more magnificent from atop Cerro Toco!

The ascent can be taken at a steady pace, as this high-altitude trek is very much about the enjoyment of the climb, ensuring enough energy is left to indulge in its aerial rewards. Having traversed the trails to 5,600m (18,700ft), take a moment to revel in the surrounding mountainscape, with views out to Laguna Blanca and the Salar de Atacama being of particularly spectacular note, before gradually making the descent back to the awaiting support vehicle and home.

Please note: Climbing hills and volcanoes in the Atacama is considered to be highly challenging. While ascents can never be guaranteed, it is absolutely imperative that a guest spend a minimum of five nights in order to acclimatize properly, both to the altitude and extreme desert conditions, before attempting an ascent. Climbers must be of legal age and their dress must be appropriate: trekking/hiking boots (not tennis shoes), long underwear, a long-sleeve dry-fit shirt, windbreaker pants, a fleece jacket, a windbreaker jacket or heavy coat, mountain gloves, a mountain hat and a buff or bandana. Based on the physical conditions of each guest, and for their own security, we reserve the right to prohibit high-altitude excursions.
Hike the Cerro Toco Volcano Climb

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