Atacama Petroglyphs in Chile’s Rainbow Valley

Level: Easy
Duration: Half Day

Unearth ancient petroglyphs and admire a kaleidoscope of color at Rainbow Valley, Chile on this half-day excursion in the Atacama Desert; a geological and archaeological treat.

The drive leads us westward to the Domeyko Mountains and the Rainbow Valley, whose stripes of copper, silver, jade, violet and everything in-between lend this sacred place its name. A 30-minute walk will allow us time to marvel at the terrain, the result of erosion and environmental processes that created this mineral-rich rock face.

Once you’ve experienced the charms of the Rainbow Valley in Chile, we’ll make for the town of Hierbas Buenas, where pre-Columbian petroglyphs await. Emblazoned on the rock walls of a natural shelter – which was hewn out of compacted volcanic ash before being used by local farmers, these intricate images depict animals and ancient hidden messages still little understood; something truly extraordinary to behold.

The Atacama Desert has an unending array of incredible landscapes and multi-coloured vistas for every visitor to enjoy. We want every day of your stay at Tierra Atacama to be unique and memorable. Be sure to sit down with our experienced guides to plan out your personalised itinerary so that you can enjoy a range of guided tours and excursions around the Atacama Desert, as well as spending time relaxing by the pool or getting a well-earned massage at our desert spa.

Rainbow Valley and Petroglyphs

Gallery of Atacama Petroglyphs in Chile’s Rainbow Valley