Explore the Domeyko Mountains and the kaleidoscopic Rainbow Valley on this tour before traveling to the town of Hierbas Buenas to behold intricate pre-Columbian petroglyphs – a geological and archaeological treat.

Venture westward to the Domeyko Mountains, where the vibrant and mineral rich Rainbow Valley unfolds in stripes of copper, silver, jade, and violet, creating a sacred landscape shaped by ancient geological forces. A leisurely 30 minute walk unveils the terrain’s layers and depth, a testament to the mineral-rich rock face born from environmental processes and erosion.

Ancient Wonders Left
Ancient Wonders Right

Continue the journey to the town of Hierbas Buenas, where pre-Columbian petroglyphs await discovery. Inscribed on the rock walls of a natural shelter hewn out of compacted volcanic ash, these intricate images depict animals and ancient hidden messages still little understood; something truly extraordinary to behold.