Embark on an unforgettable ascent of Cerro Toco, starting at 5,000m (16,400ft). Conquer dusty trails amid dramatic hills, culminating at 5,600m (18,700ft) with breathtaking summit views of Laguna Blanca and Salar de Atacama.

Perched just 6km from the Chile-Bolivia border, Cerro Toco unveils breathtaking panoramas from its summit, a hidden gem overshadowed by its famous neighbours. Departing the hotel, a van journey across the plains leads to the trailhead at 5,000m. The gradual ascent to 5,600m unfolds dramatic hills, some dusted with snow, enhancing the view from Cerro Toco’s peak. The high-altitude trek prioritises the joy of the climb, ensuring energy for the aerial rewards. Revel in the views atop Cerro Tocco, gazing at Laguna Blanca and Salar de Atacama, before descending to the awaiting support vehicle.

Cerro Toro Volcano Left
Cerro Toro Volcano Right

Please note:
Climbing hills and volcanoes in the Atacama is considered to be highly challenging. While ascents can never be guaranteed, a minimum five-night stay is crucial for acclimatisation, both to the altitude and extreme desert conditions. Climbers must be of legal age and appropriately dressed. We reserve the right to restrict high-altitude excursions based on guest conditions for safety.

Activity essentials

  • trekking/hiking boots (not tennis shoes)
  • thermals such as long underwear, a long-sleeve dry-fit shirt, windbreaker pants, a fleece jacket, a windbreaker jacket or heavy coat, mountain gloves
  • a mountain hat and a buff or bandana.
  • sunglasses, sunscreen
  • camera, backpack and water