Discover a wide array of desert flora in this hidden oasis, wandering along rocky trails through a forest of giant cacti, alongside meandering waterways and past trickling waterfalls.

Travel northeast from the hotel by vehicle towards the Valle de Guatin (Valley of Guatin). Embarking on the hike, traverse an impressive forest of cardones (giant cacti) to reach the place where a warm river, the Puritama, meets a cold river, the Purifica. These two rivers give birth to a new waterway, the Vilama, which brings life to the ecosystem of the Guatin Valley.

Guatin Gatchi Valley Left
Guatin Gatchi Valley Right

Navigate a rocky pathway adorned with waterfalls, cross the rushing river, and encounter endemic vegetation along the way. The final reward is a stunning perspective of the expansive valley below – a photo-worthy finale to the journey through this flourishing desert landscape.