Experience three surreal and beautiful lagoons on this tour, including the iconic Piedras Rojas Lagoon, where vibrant red rocks contrast with the tranquil turquoise waters and colour-shifting mountain ranges on the horizon.

Discover nature’s secret stash in the arid Los Flamencos National Reserve, where three lagoons stand out as jewels amidst the rugged grandeur of the Andean altiplano.

On ascent towards the mountains the desert surroundings transform, revealing a blend of greens and oranges. Suddenly the spectacle unfolds – Miscanti Lagoon. Cradled at an altitude of 4,100 meters above sea level, Miscanti’s cerulean waters reflect the pristine beauty of the surrounding landscape and a brief stroll reveals the wildlife that thrives in this habitat. A touch farther lies Miñiques Lagoon, its compact oval shape echoing nature’s perfection in a smaller canvas.

Piedras Rojas Lagoon Left
Piedras Rojas Lagoon Right

Just a stone’s throw away from these azure wonders lies Piedras Rojas, a surreal tapestry of red rocks set against a canvas of salt flats and distant volcanic peaks. Enjoy a self-paced walk to take in the surreal and enjoy a delightful lunch before returning to the hotel.