Head out early for this unmissable geothermal spectacle. As the sun begins to emerge above the horizon, witness towering vapor columns casting an etheral glow over vast bubbling pools, home to over eighty active geysers.

Set off early to catch the first rays of sunlight piercing the horizon against a surreal landscape of towering vapor columns, soaring up to 12 meters. Over 80 active geysers punctuate the geothermal field, erupting from bubbling pools of boiling water, offering a rare and captivating display of nature’s raw power. Breakfast is served amidst this otherworldly scenery.

Beyond the geothermal marvels, the excursion acts as an introduction to the vibrant wildlife that thrives in this harsh environment. On the journey back, keep your eyes peeled for the elusive vicuñas, nimble foxes, curious vizcachas, and rheas in their native habitat.

Tatio Geysers Left
Tatio Geysers Right

The picturesque village of Machuca, with its adobe structures, wooden church, and handicraft stalls provides a charming interlude. Home to a small community, Machuca offers a glimpse into local life against the backdrop of the vast desert.