Explore the lunar landscapes of the salt mountain range west of the San Pedro oasis and discover desert wonders along the way including selenite sparkling in the morning light, a magical singing salt crystal and a giant sand dune.

This multi-stage journey to the otherworldly salt mountain range that lies to the west of the San Pedro Oasis reveals three enchanting wonders of the Atacama. The first is a landscape adorned with selenite, glistening under the morning sunlight. Next, a colossal salt crystal takes centre stage, serenading the senses as the temperature transforms the crystal’s expansion and contraction into a harmonious melody. Adjacent to this natural marvel stands the weathered silhouette of an abandoned bus, a poignant relic echoing tales of a bygone era when the salt mines held sway over the landscape.

Vallecito Left
Vallecito Right

The grand finale awaits at the last stop, where a panoramic lookout reveals a colossal sand dune, inviting playful and adventurous spirits to free-fall down its slopes into the lunar landscape.