Since its opening in 2008, the first hotel in the Tierra family has offered personalized experiences and an enriching connection with the driest desert in the world. We are very excited to share that we are about to embark on a new chapter at Tierra Atacama.

Starting April 1, 2024, we will take a break for 11 months to completely renovate our facilities and services. This transformation will be led by our founder Miguel Purcell, along with renowned architects Rodrigo Searle and Matías González, the creative minds behind the original design, whose immersive interpretation of the environment is the core of the project.

This new proposal, which involves an investment of more than $12 million, will focus on local labor and native materials to renew our commitment and collaboration with the local community. More than 40 artisans and designers will create distinctive pieces for every corner, adding quality, beauty, and a sense of cultural belonging to the hotel’s narrative.

From architecture to decorative details, every aspect of the remodeling will be carried out with care and attention to detail, to ensure an authentic experience with the destination and our desire to provide memorable experiences for our visitors.