The Tierra Atacama bartending team has created a cocktail list that will delight you, not only with flavor, color and scent, but also due to the origin of their ingredients.

As mentioned in other articles on our blog, the Atacama Desert is an awesome place with a rich history, surreal landscapes, impressive volcanos and a palpable energy. This special environment has inspired Tomas Poblete, Tierra Atacama’s bartender.

After thorough investigation, consulting many books and publications about autochthonous herbs from the area and having experimented with a variety of techniques, he and his team of bartenders at Tierra Atacama have created delicious high-altitude cocktails.

Three ingredients in particular were chosen for these recipes: rica rica, pingo pingo and copa copa. In this article you can find more information about the many properties of these herbs, which have been used for centuries by the high-plains indigenous people to heal a variety of illnesses.