If you enjoy stargazing, you must visit San Pedro de Atacama. The sky in this remote area of northern Chile is considered by scientists from around the world to be the perfect site for installing modern telescopes which allow them to study the universe as never before. In their studies they have found, among other things, one element that the ancient Atacameñan people understood very well.

It is an impressive spectacle. The natural conditions of the Atacama Desert allow us to see the stars unlike in any other place on the planet. The unique geography and climate here explain this absolutely clear panorama, in which we can easily identify not just the Milky Way, Saturn and Jupiter, but also many other bright elements that circle around our universe.

The night sky above the Atacama Desert is so clear, that scientists from around the world have come here with the goal of expanding modern knowledge of astronomy. Enormous telescopes, such as ALMA, have been built in the north of Chile, using the most advanced technology that exists to take advantage of the natural benefits that this altiplanic zone presents. This is the same place that was inhabited by ancient cultures, such as the Atacameñans, who also held a special relationship with the stars.