San Pedro de Atacama is one of the most impressive places in the north of Chile. Not only do its landscapes look like they’re on another planet, but also its soil, which is used by scientists to simulate the experience of stepping on Mars. The wind patterns, ocean currents and surrounding mountains are some of the factors which create these fascinating and unique conditions.

The average rainfall in the Atacama Desert is less than one millimeter per year, making it fifty times drier than Death Valley in California, USA. In fact, there are sectors that have never received a drop of rain, at least in the time since they started measuring. Even in such extreme conditions, this amazing place has a special energy.

Despite the scarcity of water, it has never lacked life. In fact, it has been inhabited over centuries by influential Andean communities who developed abundant agriculture and stockbreeding. Its characteristic aridity has allowed for the formation of impressive landscapes.

The texture of the desert ground – which over three million years ago was part of the sea floor – is surrounded by numerous mountains and volcanoes. The colors of the sky change throughout the day, showing off a spectacle of endless views, perfect for admiring and taking some beautiful photos.